Sun Text Unlimited promos 2019

Sun Text Unlimited are cheaper than CTU

Previously I’ve posted the list of Sun Call and text promos, but there are still more options to choose. Here is another list of promos called sun Text Unlimited. Compare to Sun call and text unlimited, this list of promos are emphasizing unlimited text cheaper but still you will be getting some hours or minutes of calls included in the package.

  • WIN10 – This promo comes with unlimited text to sun users, 10 mins of trinet calls (sun, smart, and tnt) + free facebook. Promo is good for 1 day and is only 10 pesos. You can buy this promo directly through sun retailers or can be manually registered by texting WIN10 to 247.
  • TU20 – For only 20 pesos,this promo will make you enjoy unlimited texting to sun subscribers, 20 mins trinet calls (sun, smart, and tnt), 50 text to other networks + Free Facebook for 3 days. You can manually register text unlimited 20 by texting TU20 to 247 or directly buy thru sun load retailers.  

Text unlimited promos with Nonstop Chat

  • TU50 – Text Unlimited 50 will give you unlimited sun texts, 60 mins call to sun subscribers + FREE Facebook and Nonstop chat using Viber, Wechat, LINE, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp. This promo is valid for 10 days. Text TU50 to 247 or buy this promo directly to the nearest sun load retailer.
  • TU60 – It includes Unlimited sun texts, 60 mins trinet calls (sun, smart, & tnt), 200 texts to other networks + Free Facebook and Nonstop chat using Viber, FB messenger, LINE,WeChat, & WhatsApp. And is valid for 10 Days. Text TU60 to 247 or buy it directly from sun load retailers.
  • TU150 – Another cheaper promo with 30 days validity. It includes Unlimited sun texts, 5 hrs sun calls, +Free facebook+ free chat using Viber, Line,Whats app, WeChat and fb messenger and has spinnr access. To register text TU150 to 247 or buy it from sun load retailers.
  • TU200 – Text unlimited 200 is popularly use because it has the perfect combo. It includes Unlimited text to sun subscribers, 5 hours call to PLDT, Sun,Smart andTnT, 1,000 texts to other networks + FREE Facebook and Nonstop Chat using Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Wechat, and FB Messenger. You can enjoy this promo for 30 days. Just text TU200 to 247 to regiter manually to you can buy it directly to some sun load retailers.
  • TU300 – Lastly, you can also avail TU 300 which is good for 30 days. It includes unlimited text to sun subscribers, 10 hours trinet calls (smart.sun,&tnt), 3000 texts to other networks , Free Facebook plus Nonstop chat , and spinnr access.Just text TU300 to 247 to register or buy it directly.

Sun text unlimited promo recommendation

All of the promos listed above have a great service bundle but personally, I’ll go for TU200 since it has a great service combination for only 200 pesos. Also if you need cheaper one that will only last for few days, you may grab TU20.


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