Cheap Internet promo for SMART users

You are currently viewing Cheap Internet promo for SMART users

This cheap Internet promo is great for those individuals who are not heavy data users. It will only cost you 70 pesos for 1 week and you can already have 1GB of internet data , 300 additional for youtube streaming plus 1000 trinet text ( smart/tnt/sun). It’s only 10 pesos per day if you have to calculate per day.

Note that this cheap Internet promo is available only to smart buddy sim only. So if you are using TNT sim, this promo is not applicable to you.

How to register?

Obviously you need first to have at least 70 pesos regular load to avail to this promo. Here is the code to use.

Text BIG70 to 9999 using your smartbuddy sim. Once you already received the confirmation code, you can now enjoy surfing and texting for 7 days.

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