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This post is all about my e-loading business which I started last few months ago. This is one of my good source of extra income. The good thing about this business is that you can do it both offline and online. I earned  P1,000 or more a month and my profit is growing. The best thing about this business is that, all products are hassle free. The only thing you need is a basic cellphone with an active simcard and you are good to go. This E-loading business will enable you to sell E-load to all philippine mobile networks(smart,tnt,sun,red,globe,tm,and pldt prepaid), cignal load, kuryente load, and even federal phoenix . Also the company is planning to launch their bills payment by the end of march or month of april. One thing for sure, bills payment will generate additional monthly income to all members of the company :).

Start you E-loading business as Dealer!

You can actually start this business today for a very low capital. Once your sim card is activated, you can start selling those products I mentioned above. You don’t need to buy simcards each network because you can use either smart,tnt,sun,globe, or tm for the registration.

Dealer Benefits.

  • You can Activate UNLIMITED RETAILERS.
    • Your retailers can activate UNLIMITED X RETAILERS.
    • X retailers can activate UNLIMITED Y RETAILERS.
  • You will get shares down to Y RETAILERS of your network every time they replenish their load wallet direct to the company.
  • You will get 2% incentives on top of your load wallet replenishments (minimum of P500.00).
  • You can sell e-load with up to 4% profit or more if you add 1 or 2 pesos per transaction.

Frequently Ask Questions.

I know that you still have a lot of questions to ask with regards to this business, that’s why I created a separate page  that will cater the majority of your questions and I wrote it in taglish. Continue reading ELOADINONE FREQUENTLY ASK QUESTIONS.

Short Story

If you are a student, I personally recommend this kind of business to you. For those people who are actively looking for a good business to start either Online or Offline, I also recommend this e-loading business to you as well.
Let me share my short story.
When I was studying in college way back few years ago, I was a smart network eload retailer and it helped me a lot in terms of my daily expenses. I felt like partially independent because I have my small e-load retail business which is one of my source of income that time.  I turned my classmates into loyal e-load customers until graduation.
Today, I am neither limited to smart network retail nor e-load retailer but a leader of growing network of dealers and retailers. I am earning more and more every day.
eload business
I believe that this kind of business will give us a BIG income opportunity. Why? Because most people are communicating each other daily thru text, phone calls, or thru internet and the telecom companies are rapidly growing not only in our country but to the whole world. Most of us are potential customer of e-loading business whether you like it or not.

Get started Today!

You can actually contact me today thru my EloadInOne PAge  to get started. I will get back to you ASAP Or Simply fill up this EloadInOne REGISTRATION FORM.


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  1. Mary Joy

    How to deactivate the activated sim card of Epinoy..thankz

    1. jacbizer

      Hello mary joy, you should contact the epinoy team if you want to diactivate your account.

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